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Privacy policy

date: 18-7-2010

About our privacy policy cares greatly about your privacy. We exclusively process data that we need for (improving) our services, and carefully handle all information gathered about you and your usage of our services. Your data is not shared with third parties for commercial goals. This privacy policy applies to the use of the website and the services provided by The starting date for the validity of these terms and conditions is 18/07/2019, with the publication of a new version the validity of all previous versions is canceled. This privacy policy describes what information about you is collected by us, what this data is used for and with whom and under what conditions this data could be shared with third parties. We also explain to you how we store your data, how we protect your data against misuse and what rights you have regarding the personal data you provide us.
If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact our privacy contact person, you will find the contact details at the end of our privacy policy.

About our dataprocessing

Below you can read how we process your data, where we save it, what security techniques we use and to whom the data is visible.

Webshopsoftware: WordPress and Woocommerce

Our webshop has been developed using WordPress and the Woocommerce plugin. Personal data gathered with the use of our website and services is shared with They require access to these details to offer (technical) support. They will not use this data for any other purposes. has an obligation, based on the agreement we have with them, to take necessary precautions and security measures when it comes to your personal data. uses cookies to gather technical information about the use of the software. No personal data is gathered and/or stored. maintains the right to internally share the gathered data to improve its own services.

E-mail and mailinglists: MailChimp

For our regular business email, we use the email services of Mailchimp. This party has implemented fitting technical and organisational measures to prevent misuse, loss or corruption of your data. My webhost does not have access to our mailbox and we treat our email-traffic confidentially.

Payment processors: Mollie

For concluding and processing (part of) our payments in our webshop we use the payment provider Mollie. Mollie processes your name, address and residence information. They also process payment information such as your bank account number or credit card number. Mollie has implemented fitting technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data. Mollie retains the right to use your personal (anonymized) information to further improve their services and, within this context, share it with third parties. All the aforementioned guarantees in regard to the protection of your personal data are also applicable to any services by Mollie that uses third parties. Mollie does not store your data any longer than the instalments permitted by the appropriate legal grounds.