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What ingredients and allergens are in a Brigadeiro?

ENGLISH: Allergens and Ingredients Brigadeiros

The basic ingredients:

  • Condensed milk
  • Sugar
  • Full cream milk
  • Butter and Milk fat

Most Brigadeiros also contain

  • Cocoa powder
  • Cocoa butter
  • Vanilla flavouring

Some Brigadeiros MAY contain nuts or traces of nuts
Some recepies MAY contain Gluten
Some recepies MAY contain traces of Alcohol
Some recepies contain: Citrus/fruit
All recepies contain: Lactocow milk products


PORTUGESE: Alergens e Ingredientes Brigadeiros

Os ingredientes básicos

  • Leite condensado
  • Açúcar
  • Leite integral
  • Manteiga e Gordura de Leite

A maioria dos Brigadeiros também contém

  •  Cacau em pó
  • Manteiga de cacau
  • Aroma de baunilha

Alguns Brigadeiros PODEM conter nozes ou traços de nozes
Alguns receitas podem conter glúten
Alguns receitas PODEM conter traços de álcool
Alguns receitas contêm Citrus/fruta
Todas as receitas contêm produtos lácteos da Lacto-vaca


NEDERLANDS: Allergens en ingrediënten Brigadeiros

De basisingrediënten:

  •  Gecondenseerde melk
  • Suiker
  • Volle melk
  • Boter en melkvet

De meeste Brigadeiros bevatten ook:

  •  Cacaopoeder
  • Cacaoboter
  • Vanillearoma

Sommige Brigadeiros KUNNEN noten of sporen van noten bevatten
Sommige recepten kunnen gluten bevatten
Sommige recepten KUNNEN sporen van alcohol bevatten
Sommige recepten bevatten citrus/fruit
Alle recepten bevatten Lacto-koe-melkproducten

How long can you keep Brigadeiros fresh?

Because it concerns products that are traditionally made, we recommend that the brigadeiros be consumed within 7 days, but after three days the properties may already show some changes and may be slightly sugared. take them out half an hour before serving. Freezing is also possible but can make the color and gloss somewhat dull, but will remain equally delicious.

Information about billing, payment, invoices

What is your payment policy?

All payments are done via our Payment Processing Partner called Mollie b.v. No financial data will be saved or stored on this webshop. Mollie offers different forms of payment including creditcards and IBAN passes.

Once payment is complete the order will be accepted. If Brigadeirogourmet cannot full fill its obligations, payment will be cancelled or money returned within two weeks.

If you need a taxable invoice this can be requested online while placing order.

Shipping information

What is your delivery policy?

Each order will receive a Track & Trace code via mail. You will receive a notification indicating when the shipment has started and the code is generated. With this Track & Trace code, you track the shipping process.

Brigadeirogourmet.nl ships its products with great care and guarantees that the delivery will be delivered with quality and freshness to MyParcel.

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Orders outside the Netherlands cannot guarantee the quality and delivery time of delivery and delivery forms

Note: the deadline starts from the date of payment confirmation.

What is your return policy?

In the case of problems related to the quality of our products, the customer should contact Alexandra Spoorenberg by email: info@brigadeirogourmet.nl or telephone: +31 629513853 informing name, order number and describing in detail the problems encountered. Brigadeirogourmet.nl reserves the right to ask for an image of the problems found, and if necessary return to sender at no additional cost to the customer, of the altered product. Brigadeirogourmet.nl will not accept claims for products out of date. After the analysis, if the complaint is appropriate, the Brigadeirogourmet will arrange the return of the money or the exchange for another product without additional cost of freight for the client.

Procedure in case of withdrawal, purchase by mistake, etc:

Within 7 calendar days after receipt of the order the customer may return items that have a longer shelf life than this period, provided it is in the original packaging, without any indication of use, without violation of the manufacturer’s original seal, accompanied by a copy of the invoice or purchase receipt. In order to do so, the customer should contact Brigadeirogourmet.nl by email info@brigadeirogourmet.nl or telephone: +31 629513853 informing name, order number and reason for return. The Brigadeirogourmet.nl will arrange for the return of the money of the products or offer a credit to the customer in the value of the products purchased. Freight being an independent service contracted by customers, this cost can not be reimbursed. It will be the customer’s responsibility to send the products to the Post Office for forwarding to the headquarters of Brigadeirogourmet.nl . If the customer expresses an interest in exchanging the product returned by another, he may return the product in accordance with the above rules, however, the reshipment will be considered a new sale, therefore the customer will be responsible for the cost of the freight of the resend.

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